Mi Jegal Gaudin

Exhibition from 26 September to 8 October from Tuesday to Sunday, 2 – 6.30 PM

Mi Jegal-Gaudin was born in Daegu (South Korea).

After graduating in French literature, she came in France to continue her French literature studies. She studied French poetry, focusing on the work of Paul Eluard and Philippe Jaccottet. In love with France, she decided to stay there after graduating.

Besides her love for literature and classical music she has always had a great interest in painting and drawing. She started her painting journey 25 years ago not long after coming to France.

She followed Beaux-Arts classes in Aix-en-Provence and Paris for the last 10 years. Her art is not only influenced by classical music’s rigor and harmony but also the authenticity of landscapes where she lives.

Her abstract art takes inspiration from the garden she created over the years. Taking inspiration from the Beaux-Arts, she developed many different painting styles, abstract being only a segment of her art.