Galerie Mona Lisa


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Exhibition from 16 to 27 October 2018, from Tuesday ti Saturday 2 – 6.30PM Opening, Wednesday 17 october 2018 from...

Jacques Berthier, Laurent Deschamps, Kodir Rakhimov, Marina Tiik, Olga Chermakova, Lucia Denisova

Exhibition from 2 to 13 October 2018 Opening Wednesday 3 October from 6 – 8.30PM

Galerie Mona Lisa


Galerie Mona Lisa

Galerie Mona Lisa existed more or less since half a century ago. It is located at a prestigious area of Antique dealers and Galleries of the “Rive Gauche” and has a superb space of 120 m2. It is created by Arnaud Romic, who discovered great talents of Naïve Art of ex Yugoslavian, such as Rabuzin,Lackovic, Generalic, and others.

In 1961, the gallery organised exhibition of Francis Picabia, followed by other great painters of the Dada movement, such as G. Malkine, Delaunay, Masson, etc.

The meeting of intelligentsia from that epoch: Dali, Breton, Aragon, Romain Gary.

Today, the gallery exhibits young contemporary artists in painting, sculpture and photography.