Rémy LADORÉ (1932-1996)

Exhibition from 19 to 30 April 2016
Opening Wednesday, April 20, 2016 18: 00 to 20:30 pm

Rémy LADORE (1932-1996)

1932 birth on 7 October at Montrouge de Rémy Lejeune (pseudonym Rémy Ladore), he has two brothers, Jerome, and Philippe, six and eight years older.
1942 he learned the piano. For a year, he worked eight hours a day. Rémy created his art playing Mozart and Beethoven or Bach sonatas.
1947. his first works will be marked by the war. Fifteen years, his passion for drawing decided his departure for Paris. He will go to the Carpenter Academy to prepare for entrance to the École nationale supérieure of the art crafts competition. Accepted, he pursued three years of successful study, learn among other things the technique of painting on porcelain.
1952 he enrolled at the Académie Julian to continue to draw.
1955. first spring engraving published by Pierre Cailler, the Guild of the engraving.
1957-59 he exhibited drawings and his first etchings at the club of the Panthéon in Paris. He participated in the Group of ten point and chisel at the galerie Vendôme. He directed the design and execution complete sets for the exhibition of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
1981 Rémy Lejeune took the pseudonym of Rémy Ladoré inspired by a group of three musical notes of the 10th Sonata by Beethoven.
1988. He finished 9th chisel of a collection of prints: he exhibited at the Grand palais for the salon d’Automne.
1989 solo exhibited at the Taylor Foundation, on the initiative of Françoise Pujes, Director of information and communication to cultural Affairs.

The art critic Marcel Sauvage wrote: “If there is a nobility of the drawing, personal meaning, in the respect of traditions and movements precise drawing, as such (of nobility), Rémy Lejeune is the first – if not the first of his generation-to the glory of realism and Surrealism, one and the other superiorly authentic, here by the touching purity of lines forms, such as by ingenuity sensual and spiritual reasons – objectively, though with a great humor as well.